PP binder - BALING

A wide range of products from type 110 – 1,000 adapted to all types of baling machines. Firmness and strength of the binder suitable for baling all types of crops.


Type 300 – 1,300, used mostly in the food industry, but also in agricultural production (field crops in greenhouses – binder with UV protection). Health fitness was checked by IJZ Niš

PP ropes

Application in the food industry and decorative packaging. They are made in 2-4 strips of type 300-1,000. Health fitness was checked by the Institute of Public Health Nis.

PP raffia

Application in agricultural production (viticulture, raspberry growing, vegetable growing). It is sold in rolls of approx. 30 kg or wound as spools of 1 and 2 kg.

Types 700 – 1,500.

Color of your choice.

PP fibers

Polypropylene fibers of type T and F are used to improve the mechanical properties of reinforced concrete and mortar, prevent cracking and increase resistance to freezing, salt and fire resistance.